Introducing the super lightweight Titanium Ceramic RACE-Lite ISIS bottom bracket!

Compatible with ISIS Type cranksets


  • Performance Breakthrough - Speed increases approaching 4%, i.e., over 1 km a rider can gain 20-40m
  • Ti Ceramic Bearing Technology, features proprietary Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel races and cones.
  • TiN nano-technology surface treatments fill stainless steel pores making the bearing races smoother, harder, and more durable than standard stainless races.
  • This product is lighter stiffer smoother and will last longer than other ceramic and steel bearings.
  • Ti Ceramic bearings are 60% lighter than steel bearings
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings produce up to 60% less friction
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings are 15-20% stiffer than steel ones
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings are resistant to corrosion
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings have a lifetime 10 times longer than steel bearings



  • Bearing Race Material: Nano-technology Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel.
  • Rolling Element Material: Full Ceramic Si3N4 Grade 5
  • Bearing Grade: ABEC 5 Bearing Ball Density: 3.2g/cm³
  • Vickers Hardness Index: 1,700-2700 kg/mm²
  • Low Friction Nylon retainer
  • Enclosure Type: Low Friction Seal both sides
  • Lubricant: Kluber NBU 12/300KP



  • This product is lighter, stiffer, smoother and should last longer than any other ISIS bottom bracket.
  • CNC machined hollow 6/4Ti Titanium spindle
  • Alloy cold forged cups with water seals
  • Bolts: Aluminum Alloy M15 threaded bolts
  • Carbon Body
  • Fitted with any ISIS or Shimano Octalink BB tool. Park Tool #BBT-2
  • English: 68xBSA 1.37"x24T, R/L cups
  • Italian: 70mm 36x24T, R/R cups
  • Weight: 144 grams: Bolts 22g (68x108mm)

RACE-Lite Titanium Ceramic ISIS Bottom Bracket

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