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Compatible with Braze-on or Braze-adapter road bike frames with double cranksets

  • Easy to install
  • Full Carbon fiber construction
  • Titanium bolt- M5x20mm- Fits most all front derailleurs
  • Item Weight: 3.5 grams
  • Bolt Weight: 1.5 grams


This component should be installed on every bike. It keeps the chain from falling in case of an over-shift. Never again drop a chain when downshifting. Bolts directly to Braze-on front derailleur,  or Braze-on with adapter clamp leaving a gap too small for the chain to fall through.

If you over-shift the front derailleur or shift too fast or the chain just bounces off for no apparent reason, the alloy guide catches the chain and keeps it up and from falling down to the bottom bracket shell. Thus making it easier to keep it get it back on the small chainring. And, will save your paint job from nicks.

DOUBLE Carbon Fiber Chain Drop Catcher

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