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No longer restocking these due to manufacturing costs.


RACE-Lite Quick Release Road/Mountain Skewer Set


  • Weight: 40.8 grams per set
  • Optional compression springs included: 2g

  • Beautifully colored anodized handles and end nuts prevent wear and corrosion

  • Fits most Road Frames/Forks: Front: 100 O.L.D., Rear: 130-135mm O.L.D.
  • Quick release design with One-piece CNC machined aluminum lever arms
  • Aerospace Y-Cut Titanium Axles with Machined Threads
  • Optimized Aerospace Aluminum hardware clean and minimalist design
  • Nice clean appearance
  • Laser engraved logo
  • NOTE: Their is NO rider weight limit. The rider weight limit is on the bike and wheelset. These still maintain a tensile strength of 1000kgf.


Y-CUT Axles:

Details matter so we patented a unique method of cutting weight from skewers while maintaining strength.

When your goal is to make the best products you need to pay attention to the smallest of details and our Y-Cut skewers exemplify this. On our Y-Cut skewers we mill out a small portion of the titanium axle so it resembles a “Y” in order to save weight. It saves about 6 grams per set and the skewer still passes all the clamping tests. In fact, our titanium Y-Cut skewers can clamp with as much force as our standard stainless steel skewers.


RACE-Lite Y-Cut Titanium Road Mountain Wheel Skewer Set

  • TK223L

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