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Introducing the new super lightweight ULTRA-LITE carbon seat post!


A great lightweight setback seatpost extremely stiff and lightweight



  • Material: Professional grade high modulous multi-directional carbon fiber
  • Gloss or Flat Matte Finish- BEAUTIFUL!!
  • One piece monocoque carbon construction for maximum strength
  • CNC machined alloy clamp hardware, black anodized.
  • One bolt set up and adjustment
  • Graduated marks on back side for easy height adjustment and memory
  • Setback: 25mm
  • Weight:  See below



  • 27.2x250mm: Weight 149g, Max Extension 190mm
  • 27.2x300mm: Weight 165g, Max Extension 230mm
  • 27.2x350mm: Weight 172g, Max Extension 280mm
  • 31.6x250mm: Weight 170g, Max Extension 200mm
  • 31.6x300mm: Weight 185g, Max Extension 230mm
  • 31.6x350mm: Weight 205g, Max Extension 280mm
  • Minimum Extension: 60mm

ULTRA-Lite Carbon Fiber Setback Seatpost: Matte or Gloss

  • OM915

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