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  • Compatible with ALL Shimano 11 speed R9100, R9150, R8000, R8050, R7000
  • Compatible with ALL SRAM 11 speed road derailleurs with long cage.



  • ABEC 5 Grade Ceramic Si3N4 Grade 3(top grade) ball bearings with Nano-technology Titanium Nitride coated races. Lighter stiffer smoother and will last longer than other ceramic and steel bearings.
  • Larger Pulleys + High Precision Bearings = Lower RPM x Lower Drag = Less Watt Waste
  • Upper 12T Pulley- Crisp Shifting: Tooth profile taller squared = Aggressive chain movement
  • Lower 14T Pulley- Silent Running Quiet Efficiency: Tooth profile shorter rounded = Smooth chain running, Low friction.
  • Bottom Pulley Conti-Wave Design- Continous chamfer on every tooth. Reduce chain noise. Reduce contact area between teeth and chain inner plates by 82.5%
  • Super Slick PVD Titanium Coating on Pulleys: 43% Less Friction than anodized. Long lasting clean aesthetics



  • TiN Ceramic Bearing Technology, features proprietary Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel races and cones.
  • TiN nano-technology surface treatments fill stainless steel pores making the bearing races smoother, harder, and more durable than standard stainless races.
  • TiN Ceramic bearings are lighter & stiffer smoother and will last longer than other ceramic and steel bearings.
  • Ti Ceramic bearings are 60% lighter than steel bearings
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings produce up to 60% less friction
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings are 15-20% stiffer than steel ones
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings are resistant to corrosion
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings have a lifetime 10 times longer than steel bearings
  • Super Low Friction X-Seals Patented technology uses Low Friction Dual Lip Seals housed in bearings



  • Bearing Grade: ABEC 5 standard. Bearing design must pass all standard tests, which include noise testing at high RPM, extremely close tolerances for I.D. and O.D., roundness of ball, trueness of the races and micro surface finishes of balls and races.
  • Bearing Race Material: Nano-technology Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel. Surface hardness: HV2800~3000 kg/mm2, TiN thickness: 0.2µm, Passed corrosion testing for over 72hrs
  • Bearing Ball Density: Full Ceramic Si3N4 Grade 3(top grade), Bearing Ball Density: 3.2g/cm³ Vickers Hardness Index: 1,700-2700 kg/mm²,
  • Bearing Retainer: Low Friction Nylon retainer diminishes rolling resistance making these bearings run smoother and quieter.
  • Enclosure Seal Type: X-SEAL Low Friction Dual Lip Silicone - Reduced friction while keeping grease in and invading contaminents out ensuring longer bearing life.
  • Lubricant: Kluber ISOFLEX NBU 15 Provides excellent protection against the elements of rain, dirt, muck, and sand over extended periods of testing, far outlasting other greases.



  • Weight: 21g per set

RACE-Lite OVERSIZE Ti Ceramic Derailleur Pulley Set for Shimamo/Sram 11 Speed.


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