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Compatible with ALL CAMPAGNOLO 11 speed rear derailleurs

Compatible with ALL SRAM 10 speed MTB rear derailleurs


If your looking for all the extra edge you can get, these are for you. These high quality rear derailleur pulleys are an excellent upgrade to all factory brand rear derailleurs. Significantly reduce drivetrain friction by up to 60% with these high quality ceramic ball bearings.



  • Smooth & precise shifting
  • Quiet Running Drivetrain
  • Cogs CNC Machined from 7075 Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 8.6 grams each



  • Performance Breakthrough - Speed increases approaching 4%, i.e., over 1 km a rider can gain 20-40m.
  • Ti Ceramic Bearing Technology,  features proprietary Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel races and cones.
  • TiN nano-technology surface treatments fill stainless steel pores making the bearing races smoother, harder, and more durable than standard stainless races.
  • This product is lighter and smoother and will last longer than other ceramic and steel bearings.
  • High quality Si3N4 ceramic ball bearings
  • Ti Ceramic bearings are 60% lighter than steel bearings
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings produce up to 60% less friction
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings are 15-20% stiffer than steel ones
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings are resistant to corrosion
  • Ti Ceramic Bearings have a lifetime 10 times longer than steel bearings



  • Bearing Race Material: Nano-technology Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel.
  • Rolling Element Material: Full Ceramic Si3N4 Grade 5
  • Bearing Grade: ABEC 5
  • Bearing Density: 3.2g/c
  • Vickers Hardness Index: 1,700-2700 kg/mm²
  • Enclosure Type: Low Friction Seal both sides
  • Lubricant: Kluber NBU 12/300KP

Ti Ceramic Derailleur Pulleys: Fit Campagnolo 11 speed

  • OM1731TBT

  • Campagnolo 11 speed

    SRAM 10 speed MTB

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